My love for photography germinated in the darkroom many years ago, with the shooting, processing and printing of black and white film.  Even today, monochromatic imagery holds a special place in my heart.  What I love about photography is capturing a slice of a second in time within a rectangular frame; a perfect moment that can never be reproduced.  

I received my 200-hour yoga certification through Yogaworks, to gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy and asana.  An unexpected discovery (besides a new love for the yoga practice) was a stronger appreciation of human bodies and all the differences between individuals.  Combining yoga and photography has heightened my love of both.  I find that both practices provide more knowledge to gain and joy to share.  Many renowned senior teachers have entrusted me to capture their practice and teaching.  I bring my joy of photography to every shoot.

I shoot commercial, travel, portrait, event, and movement photography.  I love meeting and photographing people, capturing the energy of what makes someone unique.  Businesses and organizations I have shot for include NY Yoga and Life magazine, Laughing Lotus Yoga, Northside Media, Pravassa Travel, MeatPacking Improvement Association, OhmK, DocFest (NYC Documentary Film Festival) and the NewFest film festival.  

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